Since a young age, farming has always been a subject of interest to me. However, in land-scarce Singapore, venturing into farming was always a faraway option. Nevertheless, along the way, I discovered that farming is actually very similar to investing.

Why does a farmer sow seeds? The answer is simply to reap a bountiful harvest. Similarly, I hope to secure a brighter future through investing in the stock market. And like the farmer who sows his superior seeds on good ground in hope of a bumper crop, I aim to invest wisely in the right company, in the right industry, at a right price to achieve my goal of becoming financially free one day.

So, one might ask, how does the restful part come into play? The term restful serves as a reminder for me not to get caught up with the pursuit of money, but rather to enjoy the process without worrying, and in a bigger picture, life itself. It is more of a temperament and attitude that I would like to take towards achieving my dreams, and ultimately, a fulfilling life.

This blog is to me, an investing journal, where I hope to share the lessons learnt with others, as well as a place, where I can track my progression as an investor.


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