Sale of GLP & Purchase of Addvalue Tech

As news about GLP’s buyout continued to surface and finally seemed to have reached an agreement, I realised that I did not blog about the sale of my shares earlier. On 19/5/17, I sold off my shares at a price of $2.91, giving me a gain of ~31% based on my earlier purchase price of $2.20. I sold my shares as I felt there was still much uncertainty about the buyout price, and the risk-reward ratio was getting less attractive with the surge in its share price. Nevertheless, although I feel it is indeed a strong company to hold for the long term, this buyout offer did give me a good return and I am grateful for that. On hindsight, I should have waited (the final offer price was $3.38, not inclusive of dividends!), but we always have to make the best decision we can at that point of time. Just like in a game of poker. 😉 On 15/7/17, I continued to add to my investment in ISEC Healthcare at $0.33, as I feel it is still undervalued as compared to the industry. I had wanted to add more at $0.315 but was greedy and decided to queue at $0.31 instead. Unfortunately, my bid did not get through. At $0.33, its absolute PE is still high, but I am rather optimistic about this. Let’s visit this space again in time to come.


On 21/7/17, I bought into Addvalue Tech at a price of $0.049. I feel the risk reward ratio is attractive to me at the current price, and the recent entry into the Thai market for its iFleetONE products is good progress. Catalysts remain the sale of its subsidiary Addvalue Communications, contract wins for its iFleetONE product and commercialisation of its Inter-Satellite Data Relay System. Nevertheless, the firm has been loss making for the last few years, and it might take some time before the numbers are back in the black again. This is a speculative position, and I will consider selling if losses continue and their business divisions do not show signs of growth. As this is still not my typical kind of investment, my stake is very small. Position sizing is very important in portfolio management.


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What is it that We Live For?

It is 2.12 am as I write this. As I had difficulty sleeping, I decided to pen down some of the thoughts that have been running through my head. Life seems to have accelerated so much since 2014. Ever since I came back from my exchange in Thailand and starting to prepare for graduation, life has indeed become so much richer. What, then do I mean by richer? To some, being richer might simply mean having more money in their bank; being able to afford that flashy car and house, or being successful in the corporate world. On the contrary, being richer is to me, not a financial state, but rather the experience of life’s moments in its varying vicissitudes. During the past 3 years, I have experienced pain, loss, betrayal, spite and failure to great extent, both in my private and work life. However, during the same three years, I have also felt joy, hope, loyalty, respect and success. It is this roller coaster of emotions that makes life so much richer. Can the peaks of life be truly savoured if one has never been in the valley? I doubt so. Failure makes success all the more sweeter. Ever felt that soothing sensation when you popped a sweet in your mouth after taking some bitter medicine before? If you have, you’ll know what I mean.

In 2013, a good friend of mine contracted a debilitating illness that essentially damaged extensively his ability to think and speak. He was 25. It was this first hand experience that struck me that life is really fragile. When we really feel the brevity of our lives, do we then start to observe that time passes so, so quickly. It literally flies by. Our choices on what to pursue and make out of life then, becomes so much more important. Your time is limited; some more so than others. And when we all come to die, as all must and will, our accomplishments and titles will not mean as much then. Death is a common destination we all share, and our names will be forgotten in time to come. Does it make much difference if we are a million richer than our neighbours? Or will it matter if we are sitting on a higher position than our peers? Honestly, no one cares. Neither should we harbour too much bitterness against loved ones and friends who have done us wrong. Forgiveness is a powerful teacher. Kindness knows no limits. It is only with the extension of love and kindness to others, does life then seem so much more meaningful.

I want to live a life of meaning. A rich life. Question is, what about you?

Have a blessed week ahead.