Purchase of Kingboard Copper Foil, Tai Sin Electric & Best World


On 23/2/17, I purchased shares in Kingboard Copper Foil at $0.32. My thesis for this trade is a speculative special situation play as the risk reward ratio seems to be attractive. My hesitation did actually cause me to miss the rally from $0.29, but I still felt its current price was undervalued. The company is currently pursuing an appeal against a court ruling that did not rule in its favour. A further EY report sought by the company has shown findings that are consistent with the court’s ruling. In essence, if the company loses the appeal, there is a possibility that the majority shareholders will have to buy out the shares held by the minority shareholders, at a price to be determined. Currently, the NAV of the company is around $0.67, which might provide an indication of where negotiations might anchor towards. The hearing is set for March, and this is a very short term speculative bet, probably the most speculative trade I am entering into so far.

tai-sin-electric-limitedOn the same day, I also purchased shares in Tai Sin Electric at $0.405. The company produces and supplies materials to the construction industry, like cables, switchboards, electrical products and accessories, along with a test and inspection arm. According to an article on The Edge Singapore, it commands a 30% share in Singapore’s cable manufacturing market and its testing and inspection business is the second-largest in the country. It is a potential beneficiary of increased public infrastructure spending in the region. I have been impressed with Tai Sin’s stability and its management’s ability to grow the business steadily over the years. Revenues and earnings have grown in four out of the past five years. The company was also profitable during the crisis years of 2008-2009. In a 2010 interview with The Edge Singapore, Bobby Lim, who used to run the company and is the father of the current CEO, mentioned that one of his biggest takeaways from investing in other companies is to never over-borrow to expand the business. I am optimistic about their overseas expansion into neighbouring markets in Southeast Asia, especially Vietnam, which is experiencing a construction boom. In the previous year, revenue from Vietnam almost doubled. At my purchase price, PB is around 1.07 and PE is around 7.63. Tai Sin is more of a yield play to me, with dividend yield around 5.8% at my purchase price. The company has also reached a net cash position of $3.2 million as at end 1QFY2017.

best-world-international-limitedMy last purchase of the day was in Best World at $1.995. To be honest, I have been skeptical of Best World’s growth, as the company has just grown tremendously in the past year. A lot of reports have been written online about the prospects of the company, and I shall not go into detail. To me, I feel that buying shares of Best World now may be abit delayed, but I wanted to be sure that its growth in China was materializing, and not just a rosy picture painted by management. The recent earnings release answered my doubts, as China’s quarterly revenue grew tremendously from the previous year, ie. 143%, and FY16 revenue grew 193% yoy. I still feel that the stock could rerate upwards as it obtains more recognition from investors. At my purchase price, shares of Best World are trading at a PE of 15.9, which I feel is not expensive considering its room for growth. Dividend yield is around 2.5% at my purchase price. Best World is a growth stock, but as I am still wary of companies which do most of their business in China, I will be keeping a close eye on this.


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Becoming Warren Buffet (2017) Documentary

As I had some free time over the week, I have been catching up on my reading and spending time reflecting. I came across this documentary: Becoming Warren Buffet (2017) and downed the show in one sitting. A very inspirational and enlightening video on one of the world’s richest men. The most important parts of the show though, wasn’t really about how he made his wealth, but rather, how his beliefs and thinking changed along the way, especially the way he viewed money after his wife’s death. That scene was indeed very touching. You might just take home a gem of wisdom or two from this man. Watch it now to see for yourself!


A Painful Week

Recently, I encountered a setback in my work. The experience was hard and painful and my boss gave me a couple of days off to recover. During this period, my mind was constantly shuttling between regrets over the past and worries about the future. The famous psychologist, Elisabeth Kubler-Ross first mentioned there were 5 stages in grief – Denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. I experienced all of those emotions with the exception of bargaining. Nevertheless, I accepted my fate and predicament as time passed. The week was an emotional roller coaster but I am glad it is over. It was hard to get over it, but remembering a couple of principles helped:

  • There is a reason why everything happened the way it did. 
    I probably can’t see why now but one day I’ll look back and see that everything did work out for good.
  • Enjoy the ups and downs of life. It’s what makes life beautiful.
    I believe I won’t be able to fully appreciate the peaks of life when I have not tasted the valleys. Failure makes success all the more sweet.
  • I’m still alive and kicking. That’s something to be grateful for.
    The world owes me nothing, everything I have now is a blessing. There is always something to give thanks for, if I only open my eyes and see.

I’m pretty certain that this will probably not be the last time failure hits me hard. Like a boxer who gets used to pain, good to taste it early and learn how to get back up strong now rather than later in life. Press on!

“Everything will be ok in the end. If it’s not ok, it’s not the end.” ~ John Lennon