Purchase of AEM Holdings and CapitaMall Trust

aemOn 03/01/17, I purchased AEM holdings at a price of $0.865. I was reading through some of the reports about the company on NextInsight and felt that it presented a favourable risk-reward opportunity. Their sales orderbook has been increasing at a rather strong yet surprising pace, from $24.5 million in Mar 2016, to $45.5 million in Nov, then $66.7 million in Dec, and now $84.5 million in Jan this year. Majority of its sales have been attributed to its equipment sales division, in particular, a new generation of high density modular testers which it also owns the intellectual rights to. Recently, the company has turned around and started to make profits after many years of losses.The company possesses a strong balance sheet as well and is trading a low TTM PE of 4.35. The company has been buying back its shares frequently over the past year, which has greatly pushed up its share price. Its management also has a significant stake in the business. Recent buybacks at $0.85 could indicate that management still thinks the company is undervalued at this price. I will not go into more details as a lot of in depth analysis regarding this stock can be found online.

Note: This is a short-term speculative play, which I do not intend to hold for long as I do not possess the competence to analyse the semiconductor industry deeper. 



On the same day, I also bought into CapitaMall Trust at $1.885. The Reit has always been under my radar for the past few years, as I feel that the management of CapitaMall Trust is one of the best in its line of business, as shown by its strong fundamentals and innovativeness in positioning its malls. The business also owns many heartland malls all over Singapore, which I’m sure have become a daily go to place for many Singaporeans. Although the state of the retail industry has been looking rather bleak in recent years, I believe that all of us will still patronise shopping centres for entertainment purposes, especially the malls under CMT’s charge. In the near future, growth areas would be the repositioning of Funan IT Mall, which is expected to open in 2019. At my purchase price, the PB ratio is 1, and TTM dividend yield is 5.95%. This recent dip in its share price has presented me an opportunity to pick up some shares.


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