Back in Business


After a month of reflection and organising my finances, I am ready to start investing again. I will start tracking my returns from 24/10/16 onwards. My goal is to invest in good companies with a view to hold it long-term, ie. 3 – 5 years. Around half of my holdings would be directed to buying growth companies while the other half would be targeted at yield stocks. I also aim to have a small portion in cash to take advantage of any opportunities that should arise. I might dabble occasionally in different methods, ie. the traditional value investing, where one buys cheap companies (although this has not turned out well for me), or catalyst-driven stocks. I am also looking at investing in international markets. Nevertheless, my portfolio will still be benchmarked against the local STI index. As of 24/10/16, the SPDR STI is trading at 2.90.

The past month has been a quiet one for me, spent observing the local market and the general sentiment worldwide. We are indeed living in interesting times, especially in the areas of innovation and politics. New technologies are disrupting traditional industries, (think Uber for transportation, AirBnB for hospitality, etc.) It does feel exciting to be alive in this age, and to witness how the world evolves at such a fast pace. Meanwhile, the global political landscape is also something to keep an eye upon, from the presidential election in the US to the situation here in Southeast Asia. Thailand has recently lost its most revered leader in her King, and the Philippines seems to be shifting towards China under the leadership of her President. Even in my hometown of Singapore, the government is preparing and grooming a successor to PM Lee. How would all this play out in the end? And how would it impact the local stock markets worldwide? That is something only time can answer.

As for me, I hope to continue learning and growing as a person. Through my work and investments, I have discovered more about what kind of person I am. I realise that it is more important to work on oneself and continually improve rather than simply becoming rich in this life. Note to myself: Always strive to be a better man! Lastly, I am grateful to all those who have been regular readers of my blog, although I think I’m the only one reading my posts. I still intend to keep it private, and share it only with a couple of close friends who would like to learn more about investing with me. This journey I am on brings me joy and I give thanks for this hobby every single day.



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