Cultivating Good Habits

Break Bad Habits
Just today, I gleaned a couple of lessons. I had fixed an appointment with a friend at 11 in the morning, but found myself procrastinating and only managed to get out of my bed at around 9.50am despite being awake since 8.30am. It usually takes me 1 hr 15 mins to get to town by public transport, and I had not yet washed up and dressed. Obviously, I was going to be late by at least half an hour. I realised that I had the tendency of arriving late at appointments, and it was not a trait that I was proud of. Frustrated, I decided that I had enough with this negative habit and that I was going to start being punctual for any appointment. After washing up, I took a cab down and arrived on the dot. The trip down cost me quite a bit, and knowing my aversion to spend on unnecessary comforts, it did hurt. It was a painful lesson, but I deserved it and knew that my punctuality was more important. I made the mental note that I would continue to take cabs to be on time if I had to.  Hopefully, the thought of unnecessary spending would aid me in breaking this bad habit of mine. My friend arrived 15 minutes later than me, and I was certain he would not mind waiting another 15 mins for me if I had taken public transport. Nonetheless, I believe my word and commitment is more important, and being punctual is a form of respect to the other party. I just hope that I don’t need many cab rides to maintain this good habit.

We had a simple meal, followed by some shopping for fishing materials before heading to the river to fish. Today was the first time I fished in a long while, and it was good to start from zero all over again. I learnt the basics like how to set the hook, and casting, along with the different artificial baits that we used. I find fishing useful for training one’s discipline and patience. It is pretty similar to the world of investing, where discipline and patience are two vital traits one needs to succeed. One has to prepare well beforehand, and wait patiently for the fish to bite. Similarly, one needs to do his research well and invest only when the price is right. Although we did not manage to catch any fish, I took away a more valuable lesson. Certainly, I am looking forward to more fishing trips.

The last thing that I would like to do more of is to take better care of my health and body. I have noticed that I have started to worry too much about the future, which has caused unwanted anxiety and stress. I find that sometimes I try to save on food only to spend more on medical bills when I fall sick. As such, I have decided to eat well and live well. One area that I am looking into is the practising of mindfulness, which is a mental state of only focusing on the present. In conjunction with that, I am trying to incorporate the habit of gratitude into my daily life. Indeed, yesterday was history, today is a gift, tomorrow is a mystery. Let the future worry about itself.

If we want to improve our lives, then we should all start breaking bad habits and forming better ones.



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